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HAI Mobile Designer Software for Home Theater Extender 2 and Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone

Why do I need Mobile Designer?

The HTX2 Mobile Designer software is used to create and manage project files for the HTX2 (HAI Home Theater Extender 2).

With the HTX2, Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone, and an HAI home control system, you can now create custom AV interfaces for an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Control TV, Blu-Ray, CD changers, projectors, receivers, and more. Adjust volume, play a Blu-Ray, tweak projector brightness, or dial in your favorite radio station!

You can also establish "macros". You might create a “Watch DVD” macro, which would set the theater Projector and AV Receiver to the correct inputs, set the correct surround mode, and start playing the movie in the DVD player. In the HTX2 Mobile Designer, you can define these macros and upload them to the HTX2.

Snap-link Mobile on iPad and Home Theater Extender 2Create Custom A/V Interfaces for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

An HTX2 Mobile Designer project file consists of the hardware profile for the HTX2, connected devices (IR codes, RS-232, IP), macros, and custom GUI (graphical user interface) pages.

Files are created for use with HAI Snap-Link for iPhone (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), and can also be generated as HTML files for use with other web enabled devices, like Desktop PCs, Notebooks, and mobile devices.

HTX2 Mobile Designer includes a visual GUI (Graphical User Interface) editor, which is used to create GUI pages (landscape and portrait) which control the HTX2 and its connected devices. Backgrounds, buttons, and functions can be adjusted.

Demo Video of A/V Equipment Control on an iPad

Installation Videos



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