HAI Lighting Control (HLC) Auxiliary Switch
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Products -> Energy Mgt -> Lighting Control -> Auxiliary Switch

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Auxiliary Switch Make Three-Way or Multi-Way Connections

The Auxiliary Switch can be used with any HAI Lighting Control (HLC) Switch to make "three-way" (two switches control one light) and multi-way (more than two switches control one light) using conventional "three-way" wiring techniques.

HLC Products work as stand-alone or with a Home Control System.

Switch Operation

The Auxiliary switch has a Decora-style rocker switch that may be used to control the lighting load as follows:

Rocker Event

Top Rocker

Bottom Rocker

Single-Tap Brightens the light towards fully on Fades the light to fully off
Double-Tap Snaps the light to fully on Snaps the light to fully off
Hold Starts brightening the light towards fully on Starts dimming the light towards fully off
Release Stops brightening the light Stops dimming the light

Switch LED

The Auxiliary switch comes equipped with a multi-color LED indicator that may be set to off, blue, red, or magenta, depending on how the switch is wired.

If the switch is wired to use the LED, it will always remain on with the hard-wired color, regardless if switch is on or off.


Color Change Kit Colors

This switch comes with a default white paddle, connectors, and instructions.

Switch Color Change Kits (HAI Part Number 35A14-color codeCS) are available in White (WH), Ivory (IV), Almond (AL), Light Almond (LTA), Brown (BR), Grey (GR), and Black (BL) colors. They are sold in case lots of 12 only.


Accommodate standard wallplates

No Wallplate is included when you purchase this switch. With the exception of the 1500W and 2400W models, HAI Lighting Control (HLC) switches accommodate standard Decora-style Wallplates. Mix and match to easily add a personalized touch to any room.

About HAI Lighting Control (HLC)

An HAI home control system has the ability to change your light settings by the time of day, a set schedule, by the triggering of events (including motion), via a telephone call, Touchscreen, Smartphone, or by a computer connected to the Internet. To discover more about lighting control with an HAI home control system click here.

All HLC products, including this Auxiliary Switch, are UL Listed.

Easier to Install

HAI Auxiliary switches have been engineered with less depth than competitor products; consequently, HAI Auxiliary switches are easier to install.



Configuration Software

When used with an HAI Home Control System HLC products automatically configure themselves, and outside software is not required. HAI offers HAI UPB™ UPStart Configuration software for professionals who desire to make advanced changes to HAI's default setup.

Requirements / Recommendations

  • The Auxiliary Switch requires a neutral (white) connection wire.

  • If you are using an HAI home control system with HLC switches, you must install a UPB™ PIM.

  • HAI recommends that every HAI Lighting Control (HLC) installation include a Phase Coupler.

  • To use the HAI Upstart Configuration software you must install a UPB™ PIM and use a UPB™ PIM to computer cable to connect it to a computer.

HAI Part Numbers

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HAI Part Number


Auxiliary Switch 37A00-1

(Case of 12)
Auxiliary Switch

The Auxiliary Switch can be used with any HLC Switch to make "three-way" (two switches control one light) and multi-way (more than two switches control one light) using conventional "three-way" wiring techniques.

Auxiliary Switch Diagram

Switch Color Change Kit 35A14-ALCS (Almond)
35A14-LTACS (Light Almond)
35A14-BLCS (Black)
35A14-BRCS (Brown)
35A14-GRCS (Grey)
35A14-IVCS (Ivory)
35A14-WHCS (White)

Switch Color Change Kit

Paddle, bezel assembly for the 35A00, 37A00, and 40A00 series switches.

Order Kit in desired color. Sold in Case Lots of 12 only. Colors Available

PIM 36A00-1

(Case of 12)
UPB™ Powerline Interface Module (PIM)

This PIM connects the UPB™ lighting system to an automation system or computer, which can then control the lights. The PIM makes the lighting system accessible through the home computer or from a remote location over the Internet.

Comes with a cable for connecting the PIM to a serial port on an HAI home control system.

UPB™ PIM to computer cable 36A05-2
UPB™ PIM to computer cable

The UPB™ PIM to computer cable is used to connect the PIM to a computer's standard DB-9 serial port for use with HAI UPB™ UPStart configuration software.

Phase Coupler 39A00-1

(Case of 12)
Phase Coupler

HLC is for single phase 120/240 VAC, 60 Hz systems. The HLC Phase Coupler mounts by the circuit breaker box and is used to connect the signal from L1 to L2 within the circuit breaker box.

Although HLC is extremely robust and less susceptible to powerline conditions, HAI recommends the use of a Phase Coupler in every HLC installation.

The LED on the Phase Coupler shows that it is working.

Phase Coupler Diagram


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