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Connectivity Partners -> 2N Telecommunications

Interface Options Partners | User Manual | www.2N.cz


The 2N® Helios IP door communicator is capable of replacing the traditional doorbell button panel with a speakerphone and the entire system of wiring, bells and intercom installations in buildings where structured cabling is installed. Its installation is very easy, all you need is connect it to the other LAN elements using a twisted UTP cable.

By pressing any of the quick dial buttons, 2N® Helios IP will set up a call to the number that had been stored in the respective memory. The number of buttons can be extended up to 54 using 8-button or 16-button extending modules.
Thanks to an integrated scheduler it is possible to configure each of the buttons in such a way that the called party is always available.

It is possible to define up to three telephone numbers for each of the buttons, between which 2N® Helios IP switches at absence.

Beside the buttons, you can also use the numeric keypad, which also serves as a code lock. With the use of this keypad you can also use the system as a button telephone. The keypad can be combined with the quick dialling buttons.

2N® Helios IP supports video streaming. This function allows the user to scan the area in front of the 2N® Helios IP camera. Thus, 2N® Helios IP provides better and broader services than a standard house intercom systems. Thanks to the integrated SIP protocol it can make use of all VoIP services, call forwarding at absence (to another office, to the VoiceMail system or a cellular phone) or call switching (from the secretary’s office to a specific person, e.g.).

In addition, 2N® Helios IP includes a switch that helps you control the electric lock from any VoIP telephone (by entering the code using tone dialling).


Advantages of Use

  • Works in the Ethernet network
  • Power supply over Ethernet – PoE
  • SIP communication protocol
  • Integrated web server for configuration
  • Up to 54 quick dialling buttons
  • Up to 999 users / user groups
  • Video (camera-equipped models) streaming
  • Display of information (display-equipped models)
  • Integrated scheduler with day/night/weekend modes
  • Can be used as a standard VoIP telephone and a code lock (keypad-equipped models)
  • Modular system – up to 54 buttons + keypad
  • Smart design, top material – high-quality stainless steel
  • Flat design – can be mounted without wall cutting
  • Water resistant
  • Perfectly hermetic buttons
  • Electronic part completely separated from the name plates
  • Electric lock switch – controlled directly from the VoIP telephone
  • Quality white backlighting of buttons – white LEDs
  • DTMF according to RFC2833, in-band
  • High-quality acoustic parameters
  • Electronic volume setting (without cover opening) and HandsFree
  • Electronic adjustment of backlight

Integration with HAI

HAI has a Knowledge Base article # 1156 for the integration of 2N Telecommunications Helios-IP door station with HAI Touchscreens.

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