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About HAI

Corporate History

HAI Founders Tom Pickral, Brian Yokum, and Jay McLellan in front of HAI. HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) is a market share leader in home automation systems, defining "Home Automation" for the past 25 years.

All HAI products are sold through a worldwide network of Distribution Partners and installed by over 1,000 trained dealers in over 80 countries.

HAI was formed in 1985 to provide automation product to the newly emerging automation and controls market. HAI's founders, Tom Pickral, Brian Yokum, and Jay McLellan worked together in the commercial automation industry and sought to apply this expertise to the home automation market.

In 2012, HAI was acquired by Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc., the largest privately held manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment, data center connectivity, and lighting energy management systems in North America.

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The company's initial product, the Model 1503, was introduced in 1988 as the first system on the market to offer complete burglary and fire protection, telephone access, lighting and appliance control plus programmable automation in a single affordable product. As sales increased, HAI's product line and customer list grew steadily.

HAI is a privately held company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. Energy conservation, alternative energy and better building techniques are ongoing endeavors being pursued by HAI‘s Engineering and Product Development divisions in conjunction with several private and government agencies.

The company reached profitability in 1993 and ever since has reinvested its earnings in the product line.


HTX2In January, HAI announced production of Bluetooth Remote Input Module for HAI's distributed audio system, VoIP intercom within OmniTouch Pro, Home Theater Extender 2 with templates, a MicroControl Companion, and KNX Gateway.

HAI Added firmware support for ZigBee and Z-Wave door lock integrations.

Also in January, HAI enhanced the Omni-Bus Lighting Control network with specific product updates to assist with installation.

In February, HAI yet again enhanced Omni-Bus by introducing 110V compatibility in addition to 220-240V, to control CFL, LED, ELV, Halogen, and Incandescent lighting.

During March , HAI added VoIPAlarm as their newest Connectivity Partner.

HAI updated Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone and iPad to control Audio/Video equipment with customizable templates.

HTX2HAI Released Stand-alone remote functionality for Kwikset ZigBee Door Locks

In April, HAI hired Manufacturer's Representative, Metro Sales Group, to assist our dealers.

Also in April, HAI began shipping Gen III UPB products as part of our HAI Lighting Control product family.

In May, HAI released the iTunes app, "HTX2", Customizable Stand-Alone Remote Control for Audio/Video Equipment.

In June, Snap-Link for Kindle Fire brought home automation to an e-reader.

HTX2In August 2012, HAI was acquired by Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc., the largest privately held manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment, data center connectivity, and lighting energy management systems in North America.


HAI has been recognized with over 100 industry awards during their 27+ years of operation.

HAI's MicroControl ZigBee Energy Management System won a Commercial Integrator BEST Award.

The HAI Omni-Bus Lighting Network received a Commercial Integrator BEST Award.

HAI's Bluetooth Remote Input Module was a Finalist in the Residential Systems RESI CEDIA Awards.


In January, HAI added KZValve as a Connectivity Partner, providing automated emergency shut-off water valves.

HAI also agreed to resell the 2N Telecommuncations One-Button VoIP Door Station with Camera.

Hi-Fi 2Also in January, HAI added stand-alone audio solution with Hi-Fi 2, Music Gateway, and iPhone/iPad app.

To assist Spanish-speaking customers, HAI expanded support by offering Webinars, Products, Technical Sheets, and Marketing Materials in Spanish.

HAI also announced additional language support for Lumina Pro to include Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Catalan and French languages.

In February, HAI's Smart Grid Solutions division partnered with Entergy New Orleans to facilitate their SmartView Energy Management Program and Memphis, Light, Gas, and Water to facilitate their Smart Grid Demonstration program.

In March, HAI announced a training partnership with Bedrock Learning and a Connectivity partnership ZigBeewith NEC telephones.

HAI also began shipping ZigBee Home Automation Profile Energy Management Products.

Security Solutions, Inc. was hired to assist HAI customers with another level of service.

In May, HAI began shipping a 220-240V lighting solution, Omni-Bus Lighting Network.

CoolMaster Air Conditioning Systems and VIVOTEK were added as new Connectivity Partners in June.

iPod DockIn July, HAI began shipping an HAI Dock for Multi-Room Audio systems and updated Snap-Link software with access control, audio, humidity, and user settings.

HAI added URC (Universal Remote Controls) to their Connectivity Partners.

In August, HAI's MicroControl began shipping, a stand-alone wireless energy management system.

During the month of October, HAI added configuration by room functionality to HAI home control systems and enhanced dealer tools for easier installations.

In November, HAI announced the expansion of International product families to include Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic languages.


HAI's Hi-Fi 2 was a Platinum Award Winner in the 2011 Mark of Excellence Awards in the Structured Wiring category.

The HAI Wireless Driveway Sensor was a Platinum Award Winner in the 2011 Mark of Excellence Awards in the Security category.

The Omnistat2 with ZigBee Wireless and IHD Control was a Platinum Award Winner in the 2011 Mark of Excellence Awards in the Green product category.

The HAI Music Gateway was a Finalist in the 2011 Mark of Excellence Awards in the Media Server category.

HAI's OmniPro II was recognized by the Hungarian integration magazine, Detektor Plusz, with the International Innovation award in the category of Intelligent Solutions.

HAI's Technical Support Department received CE Pro magazine's "Quest for Quality" award, nominated and voted for by CE Pro magazine subscribers.

HAI's Hi-Fi 2 Distributed Audio System won a Platinum Award for Design Excellence (ADEX).

HAI's Hi-Fi 2 was a Finalist for Residential Systems RESI award in the Integrated Product Family category.

HAI's iPod Dock won a CustomRetailer EXC!TE award.

Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone won Security Products' New Product of the Year award.


In January, Atlona Technologies and AVocation Systems became Connectivity Partners.

In January, HAI's products were featured in HGTV's Dreamhome giveaway. Security, audio/video control, surveillance...even the guest house was outfitted with HAI.

In February, HAI enhanced and upgraded the Touchscreen Hub + Video Encoder, and re-introduced the products into the marketplace.

Firmware version 3.3 was released in February.

In March, HAI and Lutron strengthened their partnership to include control of RadioRA 2 and Sivoia shades.

Also in March, eLoka Lighting Control Systems became a Connectivity Partner.

IP CameraIn April, HAI released version 3.4 firmware. They also began shipping the IP Indoor/Outdoor Camera.

Philips Dynalite was added as a Connectivity Partner in April.

In May, HAI introduced foreign language product suites including Spanish (European/Latin American), Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Italian, Catalan, and French.

Split Phase RepeaterAlso in May, HAI added the Split Phase Repeater and Three Phase Repeater to the HAI Lighting Control (HLC) product line.

HAI added Rave Technology, Nexus Audio Systems, Total Control, and GUI Ja Board as Connectivity Partners.

HAI added Metal Faceplates for OmniTouch 5.7e and 5.7 Touchscreens, available in Gold, Bronze, Silver, and Black.

In June, HAI released the Wireless Driveway Sensor and Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone.

August provided OmniTouch Pro Software, allowing an HAI interface on third party Touchscreens. HAI also released Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone in 90 countries and six languages. HAI introduced the OmniTouch 10pe Touchscreen. Additionally, HAI added Carrier Infinity and Bryan Evolution HVAC system connectivity.

In September, HAI Announced Regional Factory Training Courses "Hands On" trainings around the USA. Also in September, HAI's Music Gateway began shipping.

November marked the release of HAI's VoIP Intercom solution on OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreens.

In December, HAI began shipping the Hi-Fi 2 by HAI multi-room audio system.


Access Control Card Reader was a silver ADEX Design Excellence award winner.

Home Theater Extender was a Platinum ADEX Design Excellence award winner.

Automation Studio was a finalist in the 2010 Mark of Excellence Awards in the Installation category.

OmniTouch 5.7e was a finalist in the 2010 Mark of Excellence Awards in the Human Interface category.

SDM Magazine gave HAI the Channel Partner Award for Smart Home Systems - Automation & Entertainment.

Cellular Communication Center Selected as CES Innovations Honoree, Electronic House TOPS Winner, ADEX Gold Award, Platinum Mark of Excellence Award Winner, Security Products New Product of the Year Award, Finalist for Residential Systems RESI Award, and Finalist in CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Manufacturers’ Excellence Awards.

Omnistat2 thermostat was a finalist in the CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Manufacturers’ Excellence Awards.

Wireless Driveway Sensor was selected as finalist in CEPro Best Awards.

Hi-Fi 2 by HAI multi-room audio system
selected as finalist in CEPro Best Awards.



Access Control Reader In January HAI released Firmware Version 3.0 for its Omni and Lumina home control systems and PC Access Version 3.0. With these releases, HAI started selling an Access Control Product line. (Note that OmniPro II can be upgraded to incorporate access control with a simple firmware change.)

Also in January HAI released Version 2.1 of its Pronto Link software. This release added support for French and Italian languages.

In February HAI joined Twitter, and in March HAI held its first Developer Support Forum at the EHX trade show.

In April HAI announced that Pronto Link was now available in the Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and German languages.

Also in April, HAI announced a Connectivity Partnership with Black and Decker and made Audio Authority, Sistema Casa, and Myro Control new Connectivity Partners.

In May HAI released Version 3.1 of its Controller firmware, which brought HAI integration of Lutron HomeWorks® lighting control to HAI OmniPro II and Lumina Pro controllers.

OmniTouch 10p Touchscreen HAI released the portable OmniTouch 10p Touchscreen, HAI's first customizable Touchscreen. Automation Studio was released as a tool to customize the OmniTouch 10p Touchscreen and to configure the remainder of HAI's IP-based products. Additionally, the Home Theater Extender (HTX) was released to bring HAI control over A/V products.

In June HAI released an Italian language product suite and added Arabic, Castilian, Canadian French, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Greek, and Turkish language versions of Pronto Link.

In July and August HAI announced Connectivity Partnerships with Only One Remote, Cartell, and Sensus. HAI launched a Smart Grid Home Area Network Initiative and created the http://smartgrid.homeauto.com website.

Version 3.2 of controller firmware was released in August and it included Clipsal lighting integration with HAI controllers. Clipsal became an HAI Connectivity Partner.

iON Security and Luxul Wireless became HAI Connectivity Partners in August.

OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreen In September HAI released the OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreen, another customizable Touchscreen. This new Touchscreen uses Powered over Ethernet (PoE) and is an addition to HAI's IP-based suite of products.

HAI also released the HAI One Port PoE Injector and HAI Eight Port PoE Switch to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions for the HAI products that are powered by PoE.

OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreen The HAI C3 (Cellular Communication Center) was released in September. The HAI C3 is a wireless cellular communicator that allows phone calls to be made over the GSM cellular network using the existing telephones in your home. The HAI C3 can be used when there is no land line in your home or if the land line is temporarily unavailable. It may be used to communicate alarm conditions using the GSM cellular network when the land line or cable phone service has been cut.

Also, in September HAI launched the http://www.hai-international.com website to target the growing international interest in HAI products.

In October Borg Displays and Charmed Quark Systems became HAI Connectivity Partners.

In November Zektor AV became an HAI Connectivity Partner.

In December, HomeSeer became an HAI Connectivity Partner.


OmniPro II 3.0 w/ Access Control won a 2009 TechHome Mark of Excellence Platinum Award in the Best Security Product category.

Omnistat2 Thermostat won a 2009 TechHome Mark of Excellence Gold Award in the Best Green Product, Service, or Corporate Policy category. It also won a 2009 ADEX Platnium Award for Design Excellence for its In Home Display.

The portable OmniTouch 10p Touchscreen was a Finalist in the Multi-Room Touchscreen category of the CE Pro BEST Awards.

The OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreen was given a CustomRetailer EXC!TE award for product innovation. It also won a 2009 ADEX Platnium Award for Design Excellence.

HAI Training won a 2009 TechHome Mark of Excellence Platinum Award in the Best Training and Support Program category.

HAI's Network Digital Video Recorder (NDVR) won a 2009 TechHome Mark of Excellence Platinum Award in the Best Structured Wiring Product category.

HAI’s Pronto Link was awarded a 2009 ADEX Gold Award for Design Excellence.

WL3 for Windows® Home Server won a 2009 TechHome Mark of Excellence Platinum Award in the Best Software Application - NEW category. It also won a 2009 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

HAI was recognized by New Orleans CityBusiness as a 2009 Innovator of the Year.

HAI was recognized by the Louisiana Technology Council as the 2009 Best Application of Technology.

HAI's Cellular Communication Center was awarded a 2010 Innovations Design and Engineering award.



Next Generation Board In 2008, HAI completely redesigned the Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina and Lumina Pro controller circuitry. The circuit board is now 4 layer, improving density, reliability and immunity to surges and disruptions. System memory was made flash upgradeable so that upgrades can be made without changing chips. Two additional serial ports, for a total of five, were added for more connectivity options.

In January HAI expanded its HAI Lighting Control (HLC) product line with the introduction of the UPB™ Lamp Module and a Table Top Scene Switch Cradle.

In February HAI announced that it was shipping enhanced 4-layer controller boards for the Lumina, Lumina Pro, Omni IIe, and OmniPro II home control systems. This greatly improved the reliability, improved stellar immunity to surges and disruptions. The new boards now include five serial ports and flash memory for easy firmware updates.

HAI also released firmware version 2.16 for its controllers and released PC Access Version 2.16.

HAI started a corporate blog and created a facebook page.

Omnistat thermostat In March 2008 HAI started shipping the UPB™ Appliance Module, a new line of Surveillance Products, Pronto-Link, HLC Load Control Module, and the RC-2000 Omnistat2 thermostat. Also, in March HAI released its new OmniLink II protocol, which allows for developers to use TCP/IP to communicate with an HAI controller.

At EHX Expo HAI and Russound announced that they have signed an agreement that will allow the two companies to collaborate in a new program that will bring an enhanced level of features, usability, and value to their installers and end-users. Christened "EnCompass," the program will ultimately provide a new, comprehensive selection of integration solutions for custom installers who demand "Best of Breed" performance from all aspects of their systems.

Smartphone running Snap-Link Mobile Snap-Link Mobile was released to allow control of your home over any device running Windows® Mobile Version 5.0+.

HAI released improved versions of its wireless receiver and OmniTouch Touchscreen Hub. A Spanish version of the OmniTouch 5.7 Touchscreen was also released.

In May HAI released the Omnistat2 RC-1000 thermostat, 4 Button Wireless Keypad, Hardwired Load Control Module, and an improved version of the Touchscreen Hub.

In July HAI launched a Developer Support program and website to support Developers looking to develop solutions using HAI controllers or thermostats. In August forum support was extended to HAI Dealers and Distributors.

WL3 Logo In August HAI started shipping WL3 for Windows® Home Server. WL3 is an Add-in for a Windows® Home Server that allows you to monitor and control your HAI Home Control System from any device with a web browser, such as a computer, PDA, Smartphone, BlackBerry™ , iPhone 2.0™, iPod Touch™, etc.

In September HAI expanded its HAI Wireless line of accessories and started shipping a Vanishing Door/Window Contact transmitter.

In October HAI updated its Pronto Link software to allow support for the new Philips TSU 9800 Pronto and to introduce Russian, Chinese, and Hebrew language versions.

In November Jay McLellan, HAI CEO, was named to the Executive Board of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association).

In December HAI added PLLC as a Connectivity Partner for its 220-240V UPB™ lighting control line. Also, it began shipping its new Power Hub products.

At the end of the year Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) and On-Q/Legrand (On-Q) announced the conclusion of a long standing OEM relationship relating to the On-Q Home Management System (HMS) product line. For over a decade, HAI had been an OEM supplier to On-Q for HMS controllers, devices, user interfaces, modules and software solutions. Although the OEM relationship between HAI and On-Q has ended, the companies remain friends and Connectivity Partners for On-Q’s ALC Lighting Control products.


HAI’s Snap-Link Mobile, and Omnistat2 Thermostats were named as Finalists in Electrical Contracting Products' 2008 Innovation Awards.

HAI’s Pronto Link, and HAI Lighting Control UPB™ version 2.0 were named as Finalists in the 2008 EHX Multi-Room Awards.

The readers of Remodeling Magazine named HAI’s Snap-Link one of the Favorite 100 Products of the Year.

Snap-Link Mobile was a Finalist in the Innovative Housing Technology Awards in the Integrated Home Control category.

HAI's Network Digital Video Recorder (NDVR) was a Finalist in the Innovative Housing Technology Awards in the Security & Safety category.

HAI’s “smart” communicating programmable Omnistat2 thermostat won the Innovative Housing Technology Award (Energy Efficiency category), CEDIA Manufacturers Excellence FINALIST, and was named one of the Best 100 New Products by Professional Builder magazine. It was also named as a 2008 Electronic House Product of the Year.

OmniTouch 5.7 won a Constructech Top Product of 2008 in the New Products category.

OmniTouch 5.7 and Omnistat2 won 2008 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards.

At EHX Expo Snap-Link was recognized as a Mark of Excellence Finalist in the Supplier - Best Human Interface Product category. Lumina Pro with DSC integration was awarded as a Mark of Excellence Awards Winner in the Supplier - Best Security Product category.



In January HAI released firmware version 2.14 for its controllers. The new firmware added support for Hi-Fi by HAI and ViziaRF Z-Wave™.

Snap-Link on an Ultra Mobile PC

In February a new release of Snap-Link began offering an OmniTouch Touchscreen skin, which allows this software to be loaded on an Ultra Mobile PC to have it act as a wireless Touchscreen.

Jay McLellan, HAI President & CEO, with a SmartHome installation crew.

In May HAI President & CEO, Jay McLellan, attended the successful CEA-sponsored Hometech Middle East Expo. Mr. McLellan was part of an invited delegation sponsored by CEA. Mr. McLellan was interviewed at the show by various local and international media, and visited a few sites in Dubai where HAI is currently being installed.

In June HAI released firmware version 2.15 for its controllers. The new firmware added support for the CentraLite StarLite lighting system. It also added support for audio systems from NuVo, Proficient Audio Systems, SpeakerCraft, and Xantech. This firmware release also included a number of enhancements to the automation capabilities of all of the Omni family and Lumina family controllers.

OmniTouch 5.7 In August HAI released the OmniTouch 5.7 Touchscreen to replace its OmniTouch Touchscreen. Additionally, HAI and DSC announced an integration of HAI's Lumina family of home control systems with DSC's PowerSeries alarm panels.

Updates of Home Control for Windows® Media Center and Web-Link II were released that offered more features and Windows® Vista compatibility.

In September HAI announced that its Scene Switches now incorporate an infrared sensor and that it was now shipping a remote control for these switches. It was also announced that the HAI Wireless Receiver now was shipping with Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), which allows installers to ensure optimum placement and performance during installation.

HAI is shipping Generation II UBP In November HAI announced that all of its HAI Lighting Control (HLC) products were now shipping with Generation II UPB™, which added features and enhanced its superior reliability. There were no pricing changes to HLC products as a result of these enhancements.

Snap-Link Version 1.1.10 was released.

HAI closed its Mandeville office and moved its Engineering staff back into its New Orleans facility.


HAI’s Hi-Fi by HAI, Lumina Pro, and HAI Lighting Control with Remote were named as Finalists in Electrical Contracting Products' 2007 Innovation Awards.

Snap-Link won a 2007 EXC!TE Award.

Hi-Fi by HAI won the 2007 EHX Multi-Room Award.

Snap-Link won the 2007 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

Snap-Link won the 2007 Innovative Housing & Technology Award for Automation & Lighting Control.

Snap-Link was named by Electronic House as a Product of the Year for 2007.

Snap-Link won the 2007 Building Products Most Valuable Product Award.



In January HAI released the Omni IIe home control system to replace its Omni II product. This mid-range home control system now offers an Ethernet port for connectivity. Also, at the end of January 2006 HAI released an upgraded Version of its award-winning Web-Link II software, used to access and control home functions remotely, including via the Internet.

In March HAI started shipping 1000W, 1500W, and 2400W switches as part of an expansion of its HAI Lighting Control (HLC) product line.

Lumina Logo In March 2006, HAI started shipping the Lumina family of home control systems, which consists of the Lumina and Lumina Pro home control systems.

Lumina is a sophisticated lighting control system that is affordable and easy to install into new or existing homes. Numerous options and accessories from HAI allow Lumina-family home control systems to grow into complete home automation systems.

In April HAI moved its Production and Repair offices back into its 4330 Michoud Blvd. building after a complete renovation.

The Executive offices moved back into the production plant in June 2006.

In July 2006, HAI introduced Snap-Link. Snap-Link is sold on an USB key that plugs into any computer to monitor and control lights, security, temperatures, and webcams over the Internet.


Also in July HAI introduced the 15A Relay Switch, the first UPB™ Relay Switch on the market.

In July and August HAI expanded its wireless product offerings with the Recessed Door; Mini Door/Window Wireless Transmitters; and Wireless Glassbreak Detector.

Also, in August HAI introduced Lumina PC Access Software.

In October HAI announced the release of the Spanish Version of the OmniPro II, as well as announced CP-01 compliance for all Omni Family controllers.

In December HAI introduced and started shipping its Hi-Fi by HAI products. Hi-Fi by HAI is an affordable high fidelity Central Controller Distributed Audio System that powers speakers through digital amplification.


HAI's OmniTouch With Video won the 2006 CEA Mark of Excellence Award in the Best Human Interface category.

HAI's President, Jay McLellan, won the Frost & Sullivan Award for 2006 Building Technologies CEO of the Year.

HAI received the Constructech Residential HOT Company award for 2006.

Hi-Fi by HAI was named by Electronic House as a Product of the Year for 2006.

Lumina and Snap-Link were announced to be Electrical Contracting Products' 2006 Innovation Awards Finalists.

HAI was awarded the Silver Award for Innovator of the Year by New Orleans CityBusiness.

HAI received the Growth Company of the Year award, presented by the Louisiana Technology Council and the Greater New Orleans Inc. Regional Economic Alliance.

Snap-Link was awarded a CHIP (CePro High Impact Product) by the readers of CePro magazine.



In January 2005 HAI purchased a 51,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility on 8 acres of land in eastern New Orleans. This expansion provides additional resources for engineering, on-site training, testing and product development facilities, marketing and technical support, as well as additional warehouse space.

HAI's new facility was damaged during Hurricane Katrina; however, HAI recovered from this event by relocating into multiple temporary offices and quickly restoring product manufacturing and shipping. The renovated facility reopened in April 2006.

HAI Lighting Control Products released in 2005 include HLC (HAI Lighting Control), OmniPro II support for Nuvo and Russound Multi-Room Audio, HAI Wireless, an Access Control Keypad, and the OmniTouch for Video Touchscreen.

In December 2005 Jay McLellan, HAI President, was elected Chair of the TechHome Division of the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA). He will be on the Executive Board of the CEA in 2006.

In December 2005 HAI promoted Ron Gumina to the position of Vice-President of Product Development and David Hatty to the position of Vice-President of Manufacturing.


HAI's Home Control for WMC was named an Innovations 2005 Design and Engineering Showcase honoree by the CEA.

HAI's new HAI Lighting Control (HLC) product line was named a Top Product by Electrical Products & Solutions magazine and won the Innovative Housing Technology Award from the National Association of Home Builders Research Center and EH Publishing.

The OmniPro II was selected as a High Impact Product of the Year by the readers of TecHome Builder magazine.

HAI won the CABA Chairman's Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Company.

HAI Lighting Control (HLC) was named to TechLiving's 2005 Hot List of products that will simplify your life in its November/December 2005 issue.

HAI Lighting Control (HLC) was named as one of the Top Products of 2005 by Electronic House magazine.

HAI was named Innovator of the Year by the editors of CE Pro in its December 2005 issue. HAI was recognized for the introduction of its Russound/Nuvo interface, Home Control for Windows Media Center, and HAI Lighting Control (HLC) products.



HAI Home Control for WMC During 2004 HAI introduced several new products, including new “cool blue” backlit consoles and Omnistat Thermostats, support for UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) lighting control in all Omni-family controllers, and the introduction of HAI Home Control for Windows Media Centers (WMC). This software for Windows Media Centers allows control of all HAI Omni-family controller features from the comfort of an easy chair using a single media center remote.

HAI doubled its US Distribution in 2004 by adding ADI, the largest low-voltage security distributor in North America.


Jay McLellan, HAI's President, was recognized by the editors of CE Pro magazine as one of the 10 Most Influential Industry Leaders of the past 10 years.

HAI's OmniTouch won the ADEX award for Design Excellence from Design Journal magazine and the Innovative Housing Technology Award from the National Association of Home Builders Research Center and EH Publishing.

HAI's OmniPro II was named as a 2004 Most Valuable Product by Building Products magazine.

Home Control for WMC was chosen by Electronic House magazine as one of its Products of the Year, was named one of the Top Products of 2004 by Electrical Products & Solutions magazine, and a must-have for TechLiving magazine's 2004 HOT LIST.



OmniTouch Introduced in 2003, the OmniTouch is an economical, color touchscreen interface for the award-wining Omni-family of home control systems. It won the CES Innovations 2003 Award, was named one of the Top Products of the Year by Home Automation magazine, won SIA's Product Achievement Award for Home Automation, and was named one of CE Pro Magazine's High Impact Products of the Year.

HAI was named one of Technology's Hottest Companies by Constructech magazine, and OmniPro II was selected by Electronic House magazine as one of its Products of the Year.

CompUSA, one of the nation's largest retailers and resellers of technology, signed an agreement to include HAI products as part of its Digital Living initiative, and HAI products were chosen by Cisco Learning Institute's Home Technology Integrator (HTI) Training Program to teach students the applications of various technologies that comprise a home network. The HTI program is a 40-60 hour semester course offered at community colleges and private technology schools throughout the US to prepare students for CompTIA's HTI+ certification.



OmniPro II In 2002 HAI introduced the OmniPro II, a sixth generation controller, to replace the OmniPro home control system. Video Recording capabilities were added to Web-Link II, and the Omni-family of accessories was expanded by the introduction of various new sensors and structured wiring enclosure mounting plates and controllers.

The OmniPro II features enhanced capabilities and power, including an Ethernet port. It was named as one of the Top Products of 2002 by Electronic House magazine, won the 2002 CES Innovations Award, garnered the Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award, and was named by CE Pro magazine as one of its High-Impact Products of the Year.

Web-Link II was named one of the Top 25 Products of the year by Electrical Contracting & Engineering News and was selected as one of the Top 50 Products of the Year by Home Automation magazine.



Web-Link II In early 2001 HAI introduced Web-Link II. This software adds video capabilities via Microsoft's streaming Windows Media technology (the first product of its kind to employ this technology), offers wireless access and control via hand held PDAs and Internet cell phones, and can e-mail homeowners based on programmed events.

In late 2001 HAI introduced the Omni II home control system to replace its Omni home control system. Also, in 2001 HAI doubled the size of its warehouse facilities and expanded its sales force.

Web-Link II received honors from SIA with the Home Automation Product Achievement and Security Industry's Finest awards, the ADEX Gold Award in the Software & Technology category, and was chosen as one of the top products of the year by Electronic House magazine.

The Omni LT and the line of Omnistat Thermostats were also both named as HANA 2001 Mark of Excellence finalists. Additionally, the Omni LT was named one of the Top 100 Products of 2001 by Building Products magazine and was chosen as one of the top products of the year by Home Automation magazine.



Omni LT Logo In 2000 HAI introduced the Omni LT home control system for smaller homes, townhouses, apartments and European markets.

The line of Omnistat Thermostats was one of only six products selected to receive a PATHCorp grant by HUD and the National Institute of Standards and Technology as part of a national government study for the advancement of housing technology.

Omni LT was selected as on of the Security Industry Association's (SIA) Finest at the New Product Showcase at the ISC Expo/New York 2000. At this same show it was honored with the Judge's Choice Award, which was the SIA's highest honor for new residential products.

Web-Link received the Consumer Electronic Show's Innovations 2000 Award for Design and Engineering. Also, Web-Link received the Home Automation Associations's 2000 Mark of Excellence Award.



Omnistat During this period HAI introduced the Omni home control system (1995), Omnistat line of Communicating Thermostats (1996), OmniPro home control system (1997), and Web-Link (2000). HAI created open protocol connectivity products Omni-Link and Pro-Link, allowing comprehensive connectivity with strategic products. Also, a Windows version of PC Access was released.

The Omni home control system brought twice the performance at half the cost; accordingly, it was an instant success for HAI and its customers.

The line of Omnistat Thermostats was the first EPA EnergyStar programmable communicating thermostat product line.

The OmniPro home control system provided homeowners with expanded features for large homes.

Web-Link allowed Internet control of home systems.

PC Access is HAI's programming software for remote maintenance by installers and PC-based programming for users.

HAI and its President, Jay McLellan received the 1999 Home Automation Leadership Award, the highest industry honor for exceptional contribution and leadership. HAI received the HANA Mark of Excellence award in 1998 for Dealer Support. Also, in 1997 the Omnistat RC-80 Thermostat was recognized with a top ranking for performance and value by Home Theater magazine.


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